Homelessness Prevention Contact Center
(City of Chicago)

About the Homelessness Prevention
Contact Center (HPCC)

The City of Chicago’s Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) is committed to preventing homelessness whenever possible. Prevention services include short-term financial assistance for rent, utilities, arrears, and other costs related to housing stability. In addition to financial assistance, households receive housing stability case management focused on budgeting and resolving issues that contributed to the initial housing crisis. The program is designed to stabilize individuals and families in their existing rental unit to prevent homelessness. The City’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program is accessible through all six DFSS Community Service Centers. For additional information regarding DFSS Community Service Center, click here or on the following link:


DFSS also funds and helped design the 211 Metro Chicago Homelessness Prevention Call Center (HPCC), which is the central point of access for homeless prevention funds.  211 Metro Chicago HPCC staff conduct a brief intake and refer callers to prevention agencies. If callers are not eligible for available funds, 211 Metro Chicago HPCC refers individuals to other community resources. If you need prevention assistance, call the Homelessness Prevention Call Center at 3-1-1 and ask for short term assistance.

The 211 Metro Chicago Homelessness Prevention Call Center (HPCC) connects individuals to financial assistance when they are at risk of eviction or have their heat or lights turned off due to a recent crisis. United Way of Metro Chicago operates the 211 Metro Chicago HPCC, in collaboration with local agencies. The 211 Metro Chicago HPCC Resource Navigators screen callers experiencing a short-term, one-time crisis and determine if fund resources are available such as state, municipal, and county programs, as well as private funds.

How the HPCC Works

  1. A person calls 3-1-1 and requests financial assistance. The individual is connected to the 211 Metro Chicago HPCC where Resource Navigators review their qualifications and determine if referrals are available.
  2. The 211 Metro Chicago HPCC Call Center receives information from dozens of agencies with designated HPCC funding multiple times a day as to what funds are available. On any given day, funds may or not be available based on funding from the state, federal, city, county, or private foundations.
  3. When referrals are available and a person qualifies, we connect them with the appropriate funding agency. When referrals are not available, callers receive the option to call back and the option to get connected to alternative resources through 2-1-1.


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